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How Vintage Fashion Can Update Your Modern Look


vintage fashionWhat goes around comes around – it's a rule of karma and of vintage fashion. These days, every look that hits the runways or turns heads in the city has already been seen in one incarnation or another. But that doesn't mean the look can't be made fresh and, surprisingly, the best way to update a look is to pair it up with the perfect accent of vintage fashion.

Vintage Jewelry – How to Pair It

Of course, vintage fashion is more than just clothes – it's also about jewelry and accessories that bring you back to a certain era or time in the world. Using vintage jewelry and accessories can be as easy as pairing colors and patterns as you would with any of your more modern choices but, when going vintage, it helps to think about putting a new spin on those old tricks.

Brooches for Buttons – When wearing a plain white dress shirt, make a statement and cover the top button with a gorgeous silver or stone brooch. Match it against your jacket, skirt or shoes to bring the outfit together.


  • Cutting Edge Cufflinks – Found a stash of your grandma's clip on earrings or matching brooches? Use them as show stopper cufflinks on large cuffed shirts or fitted jackets.


  • Jewelry as Art – When you're stepping out in a simple dress, grab a necklace that makes a powerful statement. We love choices like this storybook inspired lattice necklace from Liz Law Jewelry.


    Vintage Fashion – How to Wear It

    Wearing vintage fashion means knowing how it's meant to look and how you need to move within it. True vintage fashion comes with a bit of wear so taking proper care of it is essential. Don't pair dangly bracelets that can catch easily with that peasant blouse from 1974, otherwise it won't make it through the season. Caring for vintage clothing helps to keep it look vibrant and stylish – as well as ensuring that you'll have it for seasons to come. Besides, vintage fashion isn't meant to be worn head to toe. Instead, match up your gorgeous vintage fashion with sleek and smooth accents to marry the looks. Successfully pulling off a look with vintage fashion means knowing how to pair up that retro look with a modern feel. These basic tips and tricks will help you find the perfect balance between retro class and modern appeal. Pairing up elements from vintage fashion with modern accents and other pieces can easily transform you into a modern day fashion diva with a classic appeal.



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