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About Liz Law

Hi!  I'm Liz Law, and yes, that's my real name.  Thank you for visiting my jewelry website.  I am honored to share my creations with you.  Here is a little bit about my background, process, and inspiration.  

My mom still talks about how I loved doing puzzles as a little kid.  There's something satisfying about fitting the different pieces together to make one complete picture.  The joy is in the process of figuring out which pieces go together, and then finally stepping back and admiring the final masterpiece once complete.  

This is how I view my jewelry design.  I design by collecting components and treasures that I find unique and inspiring.  I'll arrange them in various ways until I come upon a design that just seems to work.  The final piece needs to feel in balance with itself.  The weights and shapes and sizes and colors of the different components need to come together perfectly.  I know it when I see it.  I like to put together pieces in unexpected combinations.  I like to pair together the refined and the industrial (See Sticks and Stones or Industrial Glam.)  Sometimes I'll be going for a really eclectic, if not over the top, look (Where do I start?  Sovereign is a great new example of this concept), other times I'm telling myself to keep the piece really simple, clean, and modern- and to "say it in as few words as possible" and REALLY resist that urge to over-design.  If I don't absolutely have to have that extra component on there, don't use it.  (See: the Luna collection.) 

I always design with a certain theme in my head, and explore the theme in full to build a coherent collection.   I love concepting, designing, assembling, and, finally, - once it all comes together just right- admiring the final product.  I mentioned part of the joy I felt as a kid puzzling was seeing all the pieces fitting together in one complete picture.  Now, I take it a step further.  With my jewelry, the final step is knowing that someone else connects with my creation.  

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