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art jewelry Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Only Friend: A Guide to the World of Art Jewelry


The world of art jewelry, with its art deco designs and vintage fashion, is a new one for many people. But if you have been paying attention to the clues in the media, you will learn something interesting. Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend. These days, jewelry isn’t just about precious metals and gems. There is a wide variety of creative and artistic jewelers out there who are producing what can only be described as wearable art


What is Art Jewelry?


Art jewelry is a beautiful and inspired melding of fashion, art, and jewelry. Some of the necklaces, like those found in Liz Law’s new Brazen Grace collection, are reminiscent of museum quality modern art. The movement and line of the pieces borrow the language and symmetry of the natural world. But unlike more traditional pieces, art jewelry finds its value not just in the materials it is made from, but in the beauty of the craft itself. Many artists who design this modern jewelry create their pieces from a variety of less-orthodox materials, such as wood, common metals, and even found objects. The results speak for themselves.

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Trends in Art Jewelry


There seems to be two big trends in the world of art jewelry: art deco and vintage fashion. Both are all the rave.


Not familiar with the term “art deco”? The first image that always jumps into many minds is the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, with its reflective metal and angular shapes. But art deco fashion has been making a splash across artistic mediums as of late. Anyone who has watched AMC’s popular show Mad Men will recognize how the iconic art deco style has infiltrated daily trends. It’s retro chic!


Visually, vintage fashion has a lot in common with art deco styles. But, the materials used are different. While art deco jewelry pieces are newly made to look retro, vintage jewelry pieces are older pieces reimagined into a more modern style. It’s amazing how custom jewelry designers can take an old gaudy piece and reimagine it as something hip and fashionable.


Who Needs Diamonds?


So, the next time you are looking for the perfect present don’t go to your local mall’s jewelry counter and buy some generic earrings. Instead, patronize a custom designer, such as Los Angeles’s Liz Law. Be sure to check out the inspired world of art jewelry, with its art deco designs and vintage fashion here on the website.