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Art Deco Jewelry

Designer Liz Law Launches New Art Deco Jewelry


LA, California – Jewelry designer Liz Law has recently added new art deco jewelry pieces to her growing collection, all of them designed in a beachside LA studio using materials as diverse as Swarovski crystal, bronze, vintage brass, sterling silver, and 14k gold fill. While featuring strong vintage elements, her creations are a perfect choice for modern women who aim for a casual, comfortable, and confident look whose sophistication doesn’t diminish their comfort

art deco 

jewelry Including everything from art deco engagement rings to art deco necklaces for casual outfits, the collection called Industrial Glam combines geometrical designs, Swarovski crystal, and often bold colors to skillfully create intricate yet friendly jewelry with a strong retro look that makes a powerful yet subtle statement. Because of its elegance and delicacy, the jewelry made by Liz Law can be worn by women of all ages, during special events or simply on a daily basis.

Liz Law’s new collection of art deco jewelry combines traditional elements from the original art deco style born in 1925 during the World Fair in Paris with her own creative ideas to create a unique yet accessible line of jewelry that looks great while remaining affordable. The art deco jewelry featured in the Industrial Glam collection looks vintage and impresses with its old-fashioned look, and yet it perfectly matches modern outfits, from sophisticated evening dresses to casual street clothes like jeans and tops.

The new collection is not only beautiful, but also inexpensive compared to other designer jewelry on the market. Art deco vintage jewelry doesn’t have to be made with semi-precious stones or gold or silver – though it sometimes is. Its chief appeal lies in its design concept and craftsmanship.

art deco jewelryThe most impressive thing about art deco jewelry is its sophisticated and beautiful old- fashioned look rather than its sheer opulence. This makes it especially appealing for young women who want to create their own style without having to spend thousands of dollars on rings or necklaces.

Whether its art deco engagement rings or necklaces, the jewelry skillfully crafted by Liz Law combines the old and the new and explores other juxtapositions as well, such as refined and rugged, bold and delicate. Though heavily inspired by the past, Liz Law’s art deco jewelry finds its place perfectly in the present, being a beautiful and affordable choice for women who want to define their own look, rather than let trends or designers define it for them. Discover the new art deco jewelry by Liz Law at



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