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A Note on Mother's Day

Liz Law

Posted on April 25 2017

Mother's Day is around the corner.  Take note that I type this while my baby "cleans" the refrigerator with a ziploc baggie and water, and my son conducts an epic Legos battle.  I'll need to wipe up the floor in a minute, but for now it's buying me a few moments so I'll take it.  I remember I felt really proud when my first Mother's Day rolled around 5 years ago.  It was the first holiday I felt I had truly earned.  Birthdays- everyone's got one.  Christmas is wonderful- but I didn't do anything to achieve it.  I won't be the first to tell you that being a mother requires endless work, patience, sacrifice, commitment, and let's not forget all those sleepless nights.  Mother's Day is the holiday to celebrate.  Sending love and recognition to the mothers of all kinds out there.  xoxo, Liz


Cleaning the fridge with water and a plastic baggie.  Someone's gotta do it. 

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