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New Collection is Up!

Liz Law

Posted on July 25 2013

My Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection is up on the site!  I'm really proud of it and excited to show it off.  I was inspired by the Art Deco motif, something that is trending big right now, in part due to the latest Great Gatsby movie.  I wanted to go for a clean, sharp look, and I designed with a lot of geometrically shaped components.  I had fun contrasting industrial looking materials with feminine Swarovski crystal and delicate sterling or 14k gold filled chain. The result is bold, clean silhouettes that fuse industry with glamour.  See a few of my favorites pictured below.  The Geometric-Short necklace (left) is a no brainer.  I can wear it with anything- the neutral tones and super clean and simple lines go with everything!  It's a pretty big departure from other more involved things I've designed in the past.  I really stripped it down to the bare bones with this one.  Next, the Cold War earrings pack so much personality and are the best little study in contrast, with the sparkling crystal rectangle paired with the brass bullets.  These babies are simultaneously girly and edgy.  Lastly, the Triple Crown necklace (available in multiple colors) is probably my current favorite.  It has so much going on in the mood department and will really read differently depending on how you style it.  It can look modern, tribal, bohemian, Art Deco, or even old-fashioned.  It's all up to how you want to wear it!  


For the model photos, I wanted to highlight the very modern aesthetic of the pieces while also capturing a bit of the glitz and elegance of the Art Deco era.  The sleek styling and overall mood highlights the sharp lines and angles of the collection.  Makeup and hair are pretty clean, as is the background.  Photographer Catherine Asanov also introduced a red glare into the photos- something to add a subtle point of interest and also highlight the only color that occasionally shows up in this collection- red.  I like how the images look a bit futuristic, while the Art Deco inspired jewelry takes cues from the past.  I appreciate the notion that the collection looks forward to the future while taking inspiration from the classics.  

We had a great crew assembled of aforementioned photographer Catherine Asanov, model Michaela Williams, stylist Katelynn Tilley, makeup artist Rowena Cavanaugh, and hairstylist Crystal Chapman.  Below are a few behind the scenes shots of the great team preparing for the shoot!





Catherine had Michaela interact with the jewelry to really bring it to the forefront of the images.  We needed the images to really announce the jewelry, and I think we pulled it off!  Here are a few of my favorite shots.  



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