Pregnancy, Guns, and Rock N' Roll

Apr 22

Now that I've got your attention, I'm excited to finally share that my men's jewelry is prominently featured in a music video!  Liz Law jewelry is worn on all band members in the recently released "Holdin' Me" video by Darin Bennett and the Requiem.  Check out the video below and see more on the band at  The song is a soulful bluesy rock number.  My favorite part about it is the featured slide banjo.  Good thing I love the song, as we heard it allll day long while we filmed in the Mojave Desert.  Allow me to divulge the story of how I ended up on the Mojave Desert.....while 8 months pregnant.  

My good friend Stacey's brother-in-law is Darin of the aforementioned band.  They asked me to supply some men's jewelry for their video shoot.  They also recruited my husband, Sean, to be in the video.  The night before shooting, I reminded Sean approximately 97 times to remember to bring my jewelry.  I left post-its around the house the dude from "Memento" would be proud of.  When he left the house at quarter to 5 in the morning the day of shooting, I got out of bed myself and handed him my bag of jewelry, so as to eliminate any possibility of him forgetting it.  Smash cut to 5 hours later when I wake up to a series of missed calls and texts on my phone, one of which I was devastated to read, "I left the jewelry in my car."  After a series of dropped calls and a frantic search for Sean's spare car key, I get the directions to his parked car and also directions to the set in the middle of the desert.  I made the trek and arrived just in time to hurriedly style all the men with my jewelry right before shooting began.  See some pics below from the set.   It ended up being a really fun, albeit exhausting, day.  It was definitely exciting to be part of such a creative project and see the behind the scenes action.  On the way home, Sean, David (the actor playing the guy that Sean chases down at the end of the video) and I all stopped at a delicious Thai restaurant somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  The icing on the cake was that when getting out of the car, I realized my pants (one of the 2 pairs of pants my extremely preggo self could wear) had split all across the behind!  I rigged my outfit with a borrowed sweatshirt around my waist and another borrowed sweatshirt worn its intended way, rendering me a monochromatic blob.  David, meanwhile, was still in his video gear, complete with jean vest and fake bad tattoos, while Sean still sported his black dickies and military boots.  We were quite a trio, indeed.  As I sipped my tom yum soup, I pondered how deliciously random life can be, and how it's these unforeseen experiences that make it so sweet.


An impromptu "Bonnie and Clyde" shot of Sean and me.  

Sean the agent shoots at David the outlaw.  On another note, what a gorgeous backdrop! 

Lead singer Darin wears a custom Liz Law bracelet, one-of-a-kind horn necklace, and inline "Rising Sun" necklace. 

Guitarist Redbone wears a Liz Law custom bracelet and inline "Call of the Wild" necklace. 

Band members Gerrod Miskovsky and Cosmo Jones play on as the video closes with a shoot-out. 


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