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New LUNA Collection: Because You Belong With the Stars

Liz Law

Posted on September 06 2015

I am thrilled to share my new "Luna" Collection.  I decided to go with delicate, classic look.  Luna features a lot of clean lariats and linear earrings.  I've found that my style usually swings back and forth between collections.  My last collection, "Boho Luxe", was chunky, tribal, and punctuated with lots of bling.  Since last go-round featured big pieces, this time I wanted to try my hand at delicate pieces.  Also- this is my first collection that doesn't use any sparkle.  I usually can't help but throw a little Swarovski in there, but for Luna, I decided I wanted the collection to be just clean, classic, everyday, gold and silver.  The inspiration for Luna was the awe of the nighttime sky.  I've used a lot of celestial inspired charms and themes for these pieces.  You'll see stars, moons, and suns dotted throughout the collection.  Taken a step further, the straight, clean lines of the necklaces and lariats are reminiscent of the imagined lines connecting stars within a constellation.  

I strived to make this collection pretty cohesive, so it is fun and easy to mix and match necklaces and earrings.  Also, the necklaces really achieve new life when layered together.  The different lines and charms of different pieces come together perfectly to give you a whole new look.  Preview some of my favorite layering options below.  

Necklaces: "Satellites", "Vesta"
Earrings: "Orbit"
Necklaces: "Moondance Choker", "Titan-Short"
Earrings: "Ceres"
Necklaces: "Star Choker", "Satellites", "Vesta". 
Earrings: "Lilith"
Necklaces: "Moondance Choker", "Glow"
Earrings: "Orbit"

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