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Picture This.

Liz Law

Posted on July 12 2011

I had another photoshoot this past weekend to get some pics showing how my jewelry can be worn and styled on a model.  I collaborated with a clothing designer, Mae Ho, of Mae Clothing ( so we could both get images for our respective websites and look books.  Our styles go really well together, and her solid colors and clean yet interesting lines really work well against my jewelry.  We set up a studio in Silverlake for some shots against a clean white background, and then went off to the beautifully creepy old LA Zoo in Griffith Park for some really interesting photo ops.  This place was the Los Angeles zoo from 1912-1965, and many of the enclosures were built in the 1930s by County Relief workers and WPA crews.  A certain eeriness accompanied the small, unkempt enclosures and now graffiti-covered cells that used to be the home of so many animals.  The contrast between what the zoo must have once represented and its present state as an abandoned, decaying animal prison is striking.  Check out a few behind-the-scenes pics from the hot hot LA day below!

Here is our studio set-up!

Mae and Jenny Lee, our makeup and hair guru, tending to the gorgeous Lilija.

Jenny's on makeup and I'm on earrings!  

Jewelry designer/lighting assistant!  Those shadows aren't going away by themselves!

Jenny touches up Lily's makeup when we first get to the Old LA Zoo. 

Time for another jewelry change.  We are actually in an abandoned bear cage at this point. 

Mae and photographer, Gavin Holt, going through a few pics in the bear cave.

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