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Liz Law

Posted on February 24 2011

I've been working on a lot of custom orders lately- specific pieces people want, bridal jewelry, and one order of repurposing a bunch of beautiful yet not wearable vintage jewelry into new pieces that can be worn and loved.  A customer came to me with a ton of gorgeous old jewelry dating to the 1930s that had belonged to her grandmother.  She loved the pieces and appreciated their worth... but, as they were a bit dated and mostly clip-on earrings and brooches, couldn't do anything more with them other than pull them out of the box every now and then to admire them.  We met and had a brief consultation of what I could do to turn them into more modern and wearable pieces for her.  I made some very quick sketches with her and snapped a pic:  

I then got to creating and had a lot of fun with them, keeping in mind the taste and style of the customer for which I was designing.  For one of my favorites I hung sterling strands from an art deco looking vintage brooch.  I connected sterling chains to the sides of the newly reincarnated pendant, and - viola!  A fun and flirty necklace was born: 

For another necklace, which just oozes regality and opulence to me, I found tiny little holes on the backs of some crystals in some gorgeous clip on earrings.  I wired the two earrings together to create one dazzling bar of sparkle and color.  I strung delicate sterling chain through holes within the clusters of rhinestones to create a necklace.  I hung the same delicate sterling chain from the bottom of the piece to round out the shape and add interest.  I love the contrast between the big, chunky pendant and the super delicate chain!  

There's many more where that came from, but I'll just leave you with those two pictures.  :)  If you have some pieces you want repurposed into something you can love and wear, I'm here to help.  Just email  Beautiful jewelry should be able to be worn and enjoyed! 

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