Shiny and Sparkly: Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Jan 12

Hopefully this blog entry finds everyone settling into 2011 splendidly and still motivated to fulfill those New Years Resolutions!  I haven't been able to find parking at the gym lately, so I know at least a few people out there haven't given up on the dream.   

I wanted to mention my favorite jewelry cleaner so everyone can be sure to keep their new holiday presents looking shiny and sparkly.  Sterling, gold, and brass all tarnish over time.  That's just kind of the way it goes.  The oils on our skin, along with cosmetics (hair spray, lotion, makeup) all take their toll on jewelry.  Ocean air and smog are also particularly bad for jewelry- bad news for a Los Angeles based jewelry designer.  Now for the good news: There are steps you can take to better maintain and clean your jewels.  1) It's best to store your jewelry in an airtight bag.  I like to leave the tails of necklaces sticking out of the bag to prevent tangles.  Chances are that your Liz Law jewelry came packaged in a plastic baggie within a white satin pouch, so go ahead and reuse that plastic baggie.  Oh and stick a plastic baggie in your gym bag, too (because I know you are keeping that resolution all year long, baby).  Gym bags, along with ocean air and pollution, are the enemy of jewelry.  2) I clean my jewelry with the below pictured Jewel Brite cleaner.  I first discovered it at a gem and jewelry show I went to and have been an enthusiastic convert since.  It cleans sterling, gold, and brass.  The only thing it's not recommended for is plated items.  You simply first apply the tarnish remover with a damp cloth and, if needed, scrub with a toothbrush.  Then you wipe off the tarnish remover and dip your jewelry in the pretty pink liquid.  Rinse, dry, and you're done.  It's the best brass cleaner I've found, and I use a lot of vintage brass that needs a lot of cleaning.  I didn't do a thorough Google search to see who had the best price, but I reordered mine off, who did have great customer service.

 Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.  Happy cleaning, and Happy 2011!  Let's hang on to those resolutions so we, along with our new jewelry, can stay shiny and sparkly.  



  • good jewelry cleaning tips . Nice blog

    Posted by fitselections on June 02, 2016

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