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Sol Mate Earrings in Jan 2011 Brides Mag!

Liz Law

Posted on December 28 2010

The holidays were a total whirlwind this year!!  It's good to have some time to relax (kind of) now.  The most popular accessory this holiday season was the Sol Mate earrings.  These make great gifts because they are so easy to wear and incredibly lightweight.  I can't imagine anyone not liking these (in my humble opinion ;)  Not to mention, they are also totally inexpensive.  They aren't too long and are either completely gold or completely silver, so they can be worn with anything.  And speaking of versatile.....the Sol Mate earrings can be completely dressed up or dressed down.  I wear them with jeans all the time, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, they are featured in January 2011's Brides magazine as an earring to go well with a lace wedding dress! 

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