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Liz Law

Posted on November 30 2010


I was recently interviewed for, a web TV network for fashion and style with live designer interview and sales broadcasts, along with style programs featuring industry experts.  You can receive 10% off all sales of Liz Law jewelry this week, and on top of that 10% of sales will go to charity.  Check out the video to get a good description of and a closer look at some of my most popular pieces.

After watching this, it struck me how peculiar my answer to Morgan's opening question of "how did you get started making jewelry" sounds.  My answer goes something like, "I graduated with a European History degree from a university in Virginia, didn't have a plan, so I started putting together earrings and then moved to LA."  Seems like a pretty incongruous stream of events... but that's pretty much how it went down.  I remember having moments of panic as my formal educational experience was drawing to a close and I lacked even a vague idea of what I would do upon graduation.  While my peers had grad school, internships, or even actual jobs (this was before the economy completely tanked) lined up, I really had no earthly idea what I wanted to do.

My older sister had just moved to Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles about 6 months prior, and she suggested I check it out for a little while, her selling point being, "It's just like college out here!"  Fantastic.  My parents obliged, happy to keep their daughters together, even if it was on the "Left Coast."  This takes care of the "what", at least for the short term.  I had a one-way ticket to LA and then I'd tackle that pesky issue of employment. Before the move, I still had two weeks to kill in my parents' house in Richmond.  I was in a pretty big transitional phase and feeling like I needed to do something somewhat constructive and fulfilling with my time.  I'd always been creative and into arts and crafts, so it seemed like a natural decision to try making jewelry.  Looking back, I feel like this was a big step for me.  There's so many things we tell ourselves we "should" do or want to do when we get around to it (believe me- I have a long list ready for January), but actually doing something good for yourself and expanding your horizons provides a wonderful sense of well-being.  I guess in retrospect I feel like I had never really ventured too far outside of the box before.  In my opinion, one of the most important (but also hardest) things to do is to have your life and your actions truly harmonize with what is in your heart.

Back to the point, I decided to try making jewelry since I always loved being creative and working with my hands. I drove to a local bead store and asked the girl who worked there to help me out.  I must have taken hours picking out the perfect beads for my project.  I went down the next day and did the same thing.  And then the next.  I was hooked and completely obsessed with making earrings.  (Necklaces would come later.)  After I moved to LA, where I had no employment prospects and only knew my sister, I totally poured myself into making jewelry.  All graduation money went into supplies and most of my time went into making jewelry.  It became my focus and, in a sense, my purpose in my new city.  I learned more and more about the craft and developed more of a sense of my own style.  It eventually occurred to me that I could sell my wares, and I lined up a few shows.

So..... That's the long answer to Morgan's question.  I feel a bit self-indulgent writing all that, and also a bit exposed, but I suppose such is the nature of blogging!


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