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Fierce Beauty

Liz Law

Posted on November 15 2010

Check out a selection of the finished photos from the Angelina Dorogi photoshoot that I blogged about on Oct 9.  A great team of creative ladies came together to make these photos possible.  You'll notice how unique and well-made the clothing is; Jannette Goss designs and hand makes all her garments here in LA.  All jewelry is available for purchase at  Make sure you claim the one-of-a-kind pieces you love before they're gone!

"Lucy" earrings in topaz, "Crusader" necklace. 

"Lionhearted" necklace with "Check Mate" earrings. 

"Venus" earrings in gold/goldenshadow. 

"Overgolded" necklace. 

The one-of-a-kind "Joan d'Arc" necklace. 

The limited edition "Grand Dame" necklace. 

The new "Crystal Drop" earrings and one fantastic cap. 

"Crystal Drop" earrings are present but I just love the strength in this image, not to mention the insanely unique collar.  

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