Aug 22


I just added a couple one-of-a-kinds to my website.  I love getting creative in the studio with the one-of-a-kinds.  This is when I don't worry about how I am going to reproduce something (lots of times I just put something in the one-of-a-kind category because it was such a pain to make and I couldn't do it again even if I wanted to!)  Most of the time, though, pieces wind up being one-offs because they are made from vintage or just really rare pieces that I could not get multiples of.  The one-of-a-kinds don't usually make it to my website.  It's smarter for me to save the time and money it takes to put them on my site and rather sell them at jewelry parties or to stores.  I pretty much always, though, put a picture of a new-one-of-a-kind on Instagram (@LizLawJewelry).  Lots of you leave a comment or a message about purchasing, which is great.  If you see something on my Instagram you are interested in, please inquire about it, because it might be gone soon!  I'll then send you more photos of the piece and info on it so you can decide if you want to purchase or not.  No pressure!  Here are a few of my favorite recent one-of-a-kinds that sold before they made it to the website. 


This work of art is made of two different necklaces from the 1960s.  I got the tassel from one and the gold filigree piece from another.  These necklaces were gorgeous, but each looked a little dated on their own.  I rearranged some things and added some components to bring it more into today.  This one sold quickly at a private jewelry show, and the customer requested matching earrings, which I made from some smaller tassels that were on one of the vintage necklaces. 


I had been hanging on to this aquamarine stone for probably 5 years, waiting until I could make the perfect necklace with it.  I bought it at a show from a guy who was very taken with it himself.  He pointed out a really unique rainbow shimmer it had in a certain spot, and told me to make sure I pointed it out to whomever I sold it to.  This stone is so pretty and special that I've been scared to "waste" it on the wrong necklace!  Inspiration struck in the form of this gorgeous summery piece that is simultaneously classic and totally unique.  I sold this one to a fellow jewelry aficionado at a private jewelry party.  I love connecting with the people who love and wear my jewelry, especially the special one-of-a-kinds.  


The middle gold oval piece on this long necklace is from one of the vintage necklaces from the 1960s that I used in the first photo in this series.  I think I got the carved off-white bead a million years ago in a bead store in Huntington Beach I used to frequent.  I actually had started making an earring out of this bead years ago, and wasn't in love with it so never made its mate. You can see the earring if you omit the gold oval and blue teardrop and turn it upside down and imagine the carved bead at the top of an earring and the 2 gold chains with shell beads and gold leaf hanging at the bottom.  Fast forward several years when I saw these combinations and realized they went perfectly with the shapes, weight, and vibe of the vintage gold oval and the blue quartz teardrop.  I never throw anything away and, despite the chaos in my studio, I have an idea of where everything is and am able to reach for the perfect component when needed.  It all came together perfectly, and this necklace sold quickly after I made it at a private jewelry show.  It was especially thrilling for me when the woman who bought it layered this necklace with a shorter necklace in my collection.  I never would have thought to put the 2 together, but the combo was stunning. 


This turquoise pendant is another one that I love so much I've been hanging onto it for 5 years now.  In fact, I blogged about how it was my favorite purchase at the Santa Monica Gem Faire here!  I found this 2-sided (one side features a monkey, the other a falcon) blue jade pendant so unique and gorgeous that I have been saving it for the perfect necklace.  I've messed around with different designs over the years, but it finally hit me that keeping it simple and letting the bold pendant do all the talking was the best way to go.  I actually made this necklace adjustable so it can be worn short (pictured) or long.  So one lucky lady basically got 4 necklaces in one.  :)  This one sold at a private jewelry show quickly after I made it.  


So I actually was able to make a few pairs of these earrings before I ran out of the gold teardrops at the bottom that make them so special.  These were from a vintage necklace that I deconstructed.  Actually, they were on the same vintage necklace that I took this rhinestone chain from.  



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