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Something YOU

Liz Law

Posted on July 11 2014


If you've been following my blog and social media at all, you know that I looove working with clients on custom orders, and bridal jewelry is no exception.  I recently had the honor of doing the bridal jewelry for a beautiful outdoor wedding with an Old Hollywood meets rustic vibe.  

The first rule of bridal accessorizing (or bridal anything, for that matter) is that it MUST be "you."    Your jewelry should always reflect your personality and style, and no time is this more imperative than on your wedding day.  Personally, my favorite weddings to attend are those filled with touches that really embody the personality of the couple.  Weddings should reflect all of the beautiful quirky little details that make your relationship so special.  The jewelry you walk down the aisle wearing is no exception.  

This bride wanted long linear earrings (she is tall with a nice long neck :) and I knew they needed to be that juxtaposition of vintage glam and outdoorsy rustic.  When talking about her dress, she told me she loved it because it was the perfect mix of classic (long, ivory, strapless) with an unrefined detail (it was made entirely of small tiers of fabric, the ends of which were lightly frayed.)   

I decided to build on this fraying detail for the earrings.  I have a sterling link that I love (the piece used in the Divine earrings) that has a rough texture to it that I thought  mimicked that of the dress really nicely.  To achieve the somewhat offbeat vibe that I knew this bride was looking for, I decided to be somewhat playful and make them an eclectic mix of shapes.  I added a briolette crystal in the middle of the link and hung a baroque shaped one off the bottom, then attached the whole pendant to a string of circle crystals.  We were both very pleased with the result!  See super rough photo on the left that I snapped for bride-to-be right after I made the earring (my finger is covering up excess chain) and photo of the blushing bride in her custom earrings on her wedding day.  


She also wanted a somewhat large bracelet with "something blue" in it.  I used elements along the same story as the earrings to make the bracelet, still working with the concept of being somewhat playful in how I compiled different elements.  


I also customized earrings for her sister and maid of honor, but due to a Rent the Runway fiasco (the dress they sent her 3 days before the wedding was NOT a designer dress at all, but a cheap, unwearable knock-off!) we had to improvise- and quickly!  She found a new lovely strapless purple dress that begged for a statement necklace.  My inline Amphitrite necklace was actually perfect for it, and she wore that along with a bracelet I customized for her- another eclectic, romantic mix of elements.  


Mother of the Bride opted for my inline Float earrings in gold, a lovely and classic choice for formal or casual occasions.  These are my current go-to earrings, and they were just as appropriate walking down the wedding aisle.



Honored to have been able to leave my mark on such a joyous occasion.  Congrats to the newlyweds!  

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