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Gem Session

Liz Law

Posted on January 26 2010

I’ve spent a lot of time creating new pieces the last few days. My studio is filled with various beads, pendants, charms, chain, and material that I find interesting, beautiful, and inspiring. I create by spreading out on the floor with my supplies (and sometimes a co-conspirator!) and putting together different materials in various combinations until something interesting manifests. And that usually doesn’t take long. Usually building one piece will spark a bunch of ideas for other pieces. It’s actually very easy to get distracted. Focused creativity is very difficult, and in fact I wonder if its even an oxymoron. I’ll start with a general vision but the design process invariably takes me in different directions to produce a piece different than I could have ever imagined. Inspiration really is all around you and all within you. I’m always amazed at how many design directions I can go in for one piece, and how many different pieces are offshoots of one initial concept. The possibilities are endless to the point that it’s at times overwhelming. However, amidst this chaos I managed to create some fantastic new pieces, if I do say so myself.. ;) I even made a few bracelets lately. As always, don’t be shy to email me at for a sneak preview or special request. For the more timid, I’ll be taking pictures and posting new pieces on the site over the next few weeks.

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