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Holiday Shopping Event!

Liz Law

Posted on December 17 2009

So the Holiday Shopping Event at Chelsea in Hermosa (formerly Cruz Room) that I’ve been planning with Christy Jackson finally happened this past weekend! It’s weird not not having a big project to plan and work on. (Aside of course from all of the things still going on with my jewelry biz and one approaching final trunk show of the year.) But it always is a bittersweet feeling when I complete a big project or an event comes and goes… I feel a little lost without something exciting to plan and work on! But anyway, back to the point, our event went off pretty well, aside from a couple minor setbacks. Well, actually, one BIG setback. The RAIN. Los Angeles is actually a city that people from all over the country flock to (myself included) based on the sole fact that you can usually expect a balmy 70 degree sunny day backdropped with blue skies and framed with palm trees. Our freeways are overcrowded and real estate is through the roof because our city is bursting at the seams with people who have come here for……….. the weather. SO, when the usually sunny skies above Los Angeles turn grey and deliver RAIN, any activity on our overcrowded freeways comes to a screeching halt and, if they can, the people stay inside their aforementioned expensive homes. The news media comes out in full force, covering the breaking news of little drops of water falling from the sky. Have I painted this picture clear enough? Rain, in Los Angeles, is a BIG DEAL. I have to laugh that the one time the girl that never throws events throws a big event it happens to rain in the city that never rains. At any rate, our venue was an extremely cute and cozy escape from the weather, if you could make it there. We had Christmas decorations everywhere and holiday lights that gave off kind of a warm reddish glow. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story” were on mute on the TVs in the background, while a fun mix peppered with Christmas songs kept everyone upbeat. All our vendors’ booths looked so amazing and inviting. We had cheese and crackers and pretty white meringue puffs and iced gingerbread men on a central table framed with couches. Free champagne was available at the bar. Despite the rain, we actually did get a decent crowd, though I’m sure it kept some people away. I’m not exactly sure when or how it happened but I personally had a really great night of sales. You’ll notice I’m missing a lot of my one-of-a-kinds from my website. I even made two more the night before the event and you never got to see those because they both sold! I also got to shop a little myself, picking up a pretty hair clip from our vendor Shay Loren Designs and a gift that shall remain namelesss in case my friend reads this from Danielle Elizabeth Designs. Everyone was walking out of that place with the wonderful smelling and a great priced soy candles from Natural Body and Bath. And I know our lucky raffle winners were happy! So- I’d say all in all it was a success. I was suprised at how great the place looked and how we managed to find a good spot for all the vendors. I was a little disappointed in the weather of course, but what can you do about that? We learned some things and are sure to throw another event sometime soon. Maybe in the summer. :)

See pics from this event at Holiday Shopping Event Pics

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