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Liz Law

Posted on March 28 2014

I do a lot of custom jewelry for my clients.  Since I'm an independent designer and I concept and create all pieces in-house, I have the benefit of being able to make customizations upon request.  On that note, I also do a lot of custom bridesmaid/bridal jewelry- designing jewelry to your specific colors, style, and budget.  I want to show you a couple recent pieces I made slight changes to by customer request.  

This first one was for a friend who contacted me in need of a last-minute birthday gift for his lady.  He wanted to get her something special and meaningful.  He asked me if I had any silver necklaces with an "O" on them (for her initial) and also gave me his budget.  I had just made the Dawn necklace, and figured this one was perfect!  He loved it and also asked if I could add a silver wing to it (she is a pilot) to make it even more meaningful.  I happen to have a studio filled with pretty much every kind of bead, pendant, charm, and chain you can think of (confession: I'm a total pack-rat.) so I was able to materialize the perfect sterling wing- and- viola!  Check out the finished product below.  


Next I want to show you the version of the Daisy necklace I did in all silver by request.  To do this in all silver, I needed to source the vintage snake chain in silver as well as the large brass jump rings in silver.  Thank God for the internet!  I was able to find these parts online and make a lovely version of this necklace in silver.  I always enjoy seeing how my pieces are going to turn out with a few alterations here and there.  Here is Daisy in silver. I love her.

If you'd like something customized or have any questions, contact me at  Also, I usually post customized pieces like this as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that don't always make it to my website (made from all of those rare and unique supplies I'm hoarding in my studio!) to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Follow me on social media to stay in the full loop.  

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