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MEN'S Jewelry

Liz Law

Posted on November 10 2009

I’m so pleased to announce my new men’s line! My men’s collection has been a long time coming. I made men’s jewelry a few years back and it ended up being worn by all the male models in a fashion show on KTLA Liz Law for Men in Fall Fashion Show . I got away from making men’s jewelry though in favor of all the creative turns and fun embellishments that women’s jewelry really lends itself to. Men’s jewelry, I think, needs to be much simpler and more straightforward. Women’s jewelry was a much more natural design process for me since I simply just make jewelry that I, as a woman, would want to wear. However, I’ve had quite a few men’s custom orders over the years and lately the requests for men’s jewelry are too abundant to ignore. With that, I decided to revisit the subject and create a solid line. I focused on simple and rough materials that look like they have taken a beating (and in some cases- like the African trade beads or colonial Indian coins- have.) I made simple, no-fuss pieces, often combining objects that don’t necessarily match each other, but definitely complement each other, to create the appearance of a few old tokens haphazardly thrown together (but make no mistake- everything was designed with meticulous care!). You’ll notice a lot of mixing of different metals and browns and materials. Also, noting that most men have short hair and the back of the necklace will be visible when worn, I took special care in detailing the clasp, integrating the closure system into the rest of the design. I feel I proved worthy of the creative challenge of designing simple, no-fuss, yet unique pieces for the stylish man. Hopefully you agree. :)

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  • Bonnie Shelhorse: November 17, 2019

    Hi Elizabeth! I have a friend interested in St. Christopher’s medals for men b/c he saw mine! I’ll have to dig further, but any other information would be appreciated.
    Hope you and fam are well!

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