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Liz Law Jewelry on E!

Liz Law

Posted on October 27 2009

Liz Law jewelry was featured in a fashion segment on animal prints on E!‘s “That Morning Show.” Fashion expert Alie Volk (wearing the Liz Law “Jungle Fever” necklace) spoke about the re-emergence of animal prints in fashion. From the runway to magazines to seemingly every store window I pass, animal prints and safari looks are ubiquitous these days. In my opinion, animal prints never seem to completely go out of style, but there is a sudden undeniable surge in popularity right now in all things animal print, (faux) fur, safari-esque, and tribal. With the recent release of the heavily promoted “Where the Wild Things Are” as well as the natural evolution of the feather and horn trends we’ve been seeing in fashion for a while now, exotic safari looks are wildly popular. All jewelry and clothes used in the shoot can be found at Bella Beach in Manhattan Beach and/or at

Alie Volk pairs the “Jungle Fever” necklace with a crocodile print dress.

A more feminine interpretation of the trend: A beautiful butterfly print dress is accessorized with the “Wild Thang” lariat and “Shore” earrings.

The “Avian” earrings in gold and a new feather necklace make flirty accessories for a sleek red top and a sequin leopard print skirt.

The new “Feather Fringe” earrings in silver (coming soon to the web) and long necklace adorned with shell horns and animal printed lucite complement the denim safari romper well.

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