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Liz Law

Posted on October 13 2009

I’m always connecting with different stylists and photographers for various photoshoots. It’s been my mantra that a good piece of jewelry should not only complement the wearer’s style, but will also adapt to her style and personality. Pair the necklace with a black dress and slicked back hair and you’ve got a clean, formal look; throw it on a model wearing a tank top and disheveled hair and it’s a completely different animal. These pieces are as versatile as you are, and I love capturing on film their various expressions.

Below is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a recent photoshoot. We shot at my good friend Aislin’s house with the beautiful Elizabeth Crompton and Natasha Dominique modeling. Photographer Daniel Castro ( came down from San Francisco to shoot. I’m really happy with how the photos came out. My photoshoots are a lot like my design process: I’ll have a plan and a vision but once all the different creative minds come together it goes in a direction you never could have expected!

Elizabeth Crompton sits pretty before shooting the “Buttermilk” necklace.

Little Natasha was freezing! She was like an ironic little boxer all decked out in her jewels and with the sweatshirt over her shoulders.

Me handling the lighting equipment.

The crew in between scenes in the dining room.

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