Underwater Inspiration

Feb 26

I am thrilled to post my latest collection, Brazen Grace, on my website.  This collection was inspired by the graceful movement and flow of the ocean.  I wanted everything to feel really ethereal, loose, and romantic.  Focus was on curved lines and graceful shapes.  As you might notice, I went in the opposite direction of my last Industrial Glam collection, which focused on geometric shapes, sharp lines, and a heavy industrial influence.  I've been designing for a long time, but I've only recently started to break down my designs by collections.  I now focus on a different theme every season, allowing me to more deeply explore my chosen concept and present you a coherent, well-thought-out story of designs.  Brazen Grace celebrates the power, beauty, and vastness of the ocean as well as the majesty of the creatures that inhabit its waters.  I'll leave you with a few inspirational photos I've been collecting on my Pinterest account that really celebrate the movement and ethereal beauty of the seas.  


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