Jewelry for Educate!

Sep 22

I just added a collection titled “Empower” that includes a bracelet and a necklace I designed for a non-profit called Educate! Educate! empowers students across Uganda to become socially responsible leaders who will drive their society’s social, political and economic development. They teach a two-year curriculum on how to lead social change, provide long term mentoring, and create an alumni network geared at equipping students with the skills and confidence necessary to start and scale social enterprises, financially sustainable initiatives that address community problems. Educate! is especially effective because they address the root cause of the fundamental problem facing Africa today: the lack of socially responsible leadership. Their mission is to educate and mentor students so that internally driven solutions can be developed. Check it out at

It is thrilling that I get to do something I love, making jewelry, to help affect positive, long-term change. The money we raise through the sales of this jewelry helps to put high potential Uganda youth through the Educate! leadership program. Once empowered, the Educate! scholar will go on to positively impact many others. The change does not stop at one student, but rather transcends to everyone he/she comes in contact with. In other words, every little bit helps a great deal.

I had a lot of fun with the challenge of interpreting the concepts and themes of Educate! into jewelry that would appeal to an extremely wide audience while being fashionably relevant. I decided that for a necklace- a delicate and understated charm would be the way to go. The sterling lantern necklace is so pretty on and looks good on every woman. It’s great for layering and also shines alone. I chose to design it around the “I became like a lamp on a mountain” quote because I find it particularly empowering and uplifting, and I also like how the sentiment is one that echoes across all cultures. Rachel is expressing a feeling of empowerment- of being a shining beacon of light and inspiration- that I think people can relate to and appreciate. Wear your necklace and shine your individual light as well as celebrate the light of all the Educate! scholars.

As for the bracelet, I definitely wanted a unisex item of jewelry for Educate! The bracelet mimics the red, yellow, and black horizontal stripes of the Uganda flag, while a sterling “E” bead by the clasp stands for Educate! I love the simple yet effective design of this bracelet; it looks great on men, women, and children of all ages. It’s a basic representation of the nationhood of Uganda that all people can wear proudly in solidarity.

As mentioned above, these items can be found in the Empower collection. The price points are great and they make great gifts- for a friend or for yourself. :) At any rate, check out to learn more about it and see what you think!


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