Brentwood Show: Success!

Sep 14

The Brentwood show yesterday was great! Like I’ve said before, you never know how these shows are going to go, but this one turned out really well! I made a lot of sales and met a lot of new customers. There was some major chaos in the morning, as a road race happened to coincide with the time we needed to be setting up- the memo which escaped both my boothmate and me- but after a lot of driving around we found a way across the street to access our space and set up. (We figured running our tables and jewelry across a Breast Cancer Run would be poor form ;) Fate further smiled upon us by putting a parking lot right beside our space, so parking and unloading all of our supplies was no problem. Crisis averted! Like I said, the show turned out really well, and I sold a lot of my pieces. A lot of my one-of-a-kinds found good homes, so my “Deja Vu” collection is feeling a little sparse for my tastes right about now. Not to worry- there’s always more where that came from! Go to the Sold Out Gallery to see one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces that have all gone to jewelry heaven (i.e. the neck of a totally stylish woman!)


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