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New Website!

Liz Law

Posted on August 30 2009

And this brings us up to about now (hopefully). I’ve finally finished updating and just transferred my old site over to a new server, so I’ll have a whole new and vastly improved website shortly. Rumor has it it takes a few hours to sync up, so if all goes as planned, my new website should be functioning properly when I wake up in the morning and eagerly check it. This will be the third incarnation of, and I plan on keeping this one around for a good many years. I wanted my site to look more streamlined, be easier to navigate, and most importantly, to divide my jewelry into different collections. I’ve achieved all of these goals with my new cleaner site, and I’m pretty pleased! It’s brand new and I’m still working out the bugs, so please do not hesitate to contact me at if you run across any issues. Oh- and another goal of mine for the new site was to have the ability to offer discount codes to loyal customers, so if you’d like to get in on that then enter your email address on the sign-up box on the home page. Thank you and check back! :)

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