Two is Better than One

Feb 06

Something I've really been into lately is layering my necklaces.  Your trusty necklace will take on a whole different look when you layer it with another piece or two.  While you probably have seen this done all the time with delicate necklaces, it also works extremely well with the thicker necklaces of my "Industrial Glam" collection.  Below are some quick shots from my camera phone of a few of my favorite layered looks.  I don't think I'll ever leave the house in just one necklace again.  *Note that I continuously post photos like these on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  Follow me if you want to see style tips, new pieces, behind the scenes shots, and inspiration.

"Triple Crown" + "Industrial Sparkle"


"Daisy" + "Geometric Flair"


"Geometric-Short" + "Iced" + "Machinist's Delight" earrings


Below is a quick video I did on a few of my favorite layering combinations.  I was under the weather when filming, so please excuse the low energy! 


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