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Pretty in Pink

Liz Law

Posted on August 28 2009

I did a photoshoot with photographer Jennifer Erickson in July of 2009 ( She has a really good eye and we got some great photos. With hot pink hair, multiple piercings, and quite a few award-winning tattoos, our model was beautiful but pretty different from the style around which I usually theme my brand. My goal was to picture my jewelry interpreted in a completely different fashion than how I typically view it. It’s been a constant theme of mine that accessories transform outfits, but its also important to note that outfits and people just as easily transform accessories. I find it fascinating that my multi-stranded pearl necklace with a huge owl pendant can look just as natural in my “Pretty in Pink” shoot as it would on a lady sitting in a pew in my parents’ church in Richmond, VA. And both styles are totally valid- I just love that the same piece of jewelry is completely relevant to such disparate fashions. It’s this feeling that everything is up for grabs- you just have to OWN it and interpret it in your very own way to make it yours- that makes fashion so alluring.

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