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Goudas & Vines

Liz Law

Posted on August 28 2009

I sold my jewelry at Goudas & Vines in Santa Monica on May 8, ‘09. It is this awesome wine and food shop on Main Street that has a wine bar in it. I have to say- you never really know how these events are going to go when you decide to do them (and I do a LOT of them…) but this Goudas & Vines event went amazingly well. The owner, Brandon, was above accomodating, and his positive energy attracted such a nice and friendly crowd. I got hooked up with Brandon and his shop through Chris, a mutual friend that I met at my Red Tie Affair table (mentioned below). Just another example of how things oftentimes the best things seem to fall in place and just sprout so organically. I felt a little out of place at first as the lone vendor in the middle of a wine bar, but things quickly turned around and I barely had time to pause! I met so many cool and interesting people that were just so in sync with my style. I maintain that there’s no higher compliment than someone else valuing your art enough to pay money for it and proceed to display it on their bodies- in my case either around their neck or on their ears.

In addition to yours truly, Goudas also had a painter sitting in shop and painting scenes from the night. I wish I had gotten some pictures of him but I was too preoccupied. ;) There was also a DJ, always a prerequisite for high energy and a good time. It was a Friday night and therefore “Ladies’ Night”, so that means half off wine tastings for the fairer sex. I encourage you all to check it out! :)

Needless to say, I closed the night on a huge high.

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