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Holiday Trunk Show at JetSet Boutique

Liz Law

Posted on August 24 2009

In late December of ‘07 I had one of my many Holiday Trunk Shows at JetSet boutique in Richmond’s Carytown when I was “home” for the holidays. I had a blast in the store selling my items to new customers, hanging out with Jetset’s amazing owner and manager, as well as doing some shopping of my own. Jetset has the best dresses!

Carytown is my favorite part of Richmond. I used to always drive down there to shop and hang out when I was in high school. It’s this artsy and hip little pocket of Richmond that I couldn’t get enough of. Though the 20 minute drive from the suburbs to downtown is not the most arduous of journeys, it seemed like a really big deal at the time. But I valiantly made the trek for the vintage shops, the non-vintage shops, Plan 9 Music, and don’t forget the street vendors. And then there was “Bangles & Beads.” Though I didn’t start seriously making jewelry until right after college, I would always spend hours in this store in high school picking out various beads and charms that I would later go home and make necklaces out of. It was in Bangles & Beads that I first learned the very basics of how to make earrings right after college.

Needless to say, it was really cool to be back in Carytown, but this time as the one offering the cool products.

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