Liz Law for Men Featured in TV Fashion Show

Aug 05

I had a line of jewelry for men that was in a fall fashion show on TV in September ‘06. In the live segment on KTLA, all the men of the show were accessorized in Liz Law originals. I quickly sold all of these pieces as well as other men’s jewelry that I would create for customers on a custom basis. I decided at the time to not expand my men’s line, but rather focus on the women’s items that seemed less limiting and more of a natural creation for me. However, the time has come where I have decided it’s time to bring back Liz Law for Men. I have gotten way too many requests for men’s jewelry to continue with this gender discrimination. I’m really excited about the challenge of creating jewelry defined mainly by masculinity and simplicity. It’s on it’s way- so look out. To see more pictures from the show, click here: Liz Law for Men in Fall Fashion Show


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