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Liz Law

Posted on July 14 2009

The brand new owner of a European History degree from a small liberal arts college in Virginia in the late spring of ’04, I had no post-college plans and was feeling a little unsettled. I had always loved creative endeavors, so I decided to make myself useful by experimenting with jewelry design. I quickly fell in love with the process of putting together different shapes and colors in unique but meaningful ways.

Two weeks later, my new hobby and I were off to Los Angeles in search of new experiences and a fresh perspective. My love of jewelry making as well as my bead collection expanded rapidly in my new city. Unemployed and with very few friends, jewelry design was not only a creative outlet but also a huge source of purpose for me. I could not stop myself from spending what little money I had on beads, chain, and wire. From purchasing supplies to creating something totally unique that had never been done before, it was all a huge rush to me.

Selling my wares came about as an afterthought, but people started noticing my jewels and purchasing them off me. I started selling my pieces at trunk shows and various events and loved connecting with the people that feel connected enough to my art to buy it and wear it on their bodies.

Liz Law jewelry has grown and continues to grow organically and healthily. Every item is handmade with careful precision and care, ensuring a high level of craftmanship as well as exclusivity. Thank you for visiting my site and reading my blog. I hope you enjoy viewing my pieces as much as I enjoyed making them.

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