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The Design Process: A Study in Distraction

Liz Law

Posted on December 06 2013

I just treated myself to some time to just design, and I wanted to share my results and a little of the creative process with you.  Between orders, preparing next season's collection (Can't wait to share it with you!  I went in the total opposite direction of my Industrial Glam collection, focusing on romantic and ethereal pieces inspired by the fluid movement of the ocean) and just the general (neverending) work of running a business, I feel like I haven't had any time to just sit and do what I love most- DESIGN.  

I wanted some fresh pieces to add to the Industrial Glam collection for both my stores and my upcoming holiday trunk shows.  The way I design is by just tinkering with my components, putting different elements together and playing with them until something sparks.  I buy components that I find unique and then let them inspire my designs.  I like to feel the weight of the shapes and play with them to create arrangements that are balanced and interesting.  I've had a lot of fun arranging and rearranging the geometric shapes of the Industrial Glam collection.  I feel like these shapes have really lent themselves to compelling design.  So... the first piece I made in this design session was these earrings: 

I really like all the angles and harsh lines in these- with of course a pop of sparkle in the middle.  They epitomize edgy glam.  (Well, these and also the Cold War earrings.) 

While I was making the 2nd half of this earring, an idea emerged for another design.  I abandoned this earring's mate (this happens all the time.  Shame we humans have two ears.)  and came up with this design: 

This earring is total glam and totally art deco.  I love the contrast of the industrial triangle piece on top and the loose, flowing chain on the bottom, with, of course, the requisite sparkle.  I think the shapes and weight of the varying pieces all complement each other beautifully.

I was so in love with this earring, that I had to see her in silver.  Had to make a few adjustments since I don't have this exact chain in silver, and this is the beautiful Ice Queen that my fingers came up with: 

While I was starting to make the second earring of this pair, I mused how cool it would be to put silver tassels hanging from the crystal.  This made a gorgeous piece, but was too heavy to be earrings.  No problem- the world needs necklaces too!  I LOVE the long necklace that this idea spawned.  It is kind of a more delicate, all silver version of Daisy

I was so in love with this necklace that I wanted to do another version of it.  I couldn't find the clasp I needed for the ball chain (embarrassing, but, hey we can be honest here) so I reached for a shorter pre-cut ball chain I have with clasp already intact.  I just love this foil-backed super sparkly crystal up against the faceted delicate ball chain.  It looks so glamorous and wintry to me.  I let the Geometric Flair necklace be my inspiration, and I made a much more delicate version of that.  It stands out on its own, and would also look really cool layered with the above long necklace.

And then my eye wandered to some golden vintage brass chain links and deep green malachite pieces and I started dreaming up a festive chunky bracelet.  Stay tuned.  :)  I make a lot of jewelry that doesn't necessarily get added to my website, so please visit me at my trunk shows, schedule a home show, or just email me ( if you see something you like on my blog, Facebook, or Instagram and are curious about purchasing.  xox

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